10 Super Easy Crafts for Non-Crafty Parents

10 Easy Crafts for Kids

I really love doing crafts with my 3-year-old. But I’m not into all the setup and preparation most crafts require. (I’m looking at you Pinterest.)

I’m like the laziest crafter in the world, but it is a fun, valuable way for us to spend our time together. So here are my top 10 Super Easy (some might even say lazy!) Craft Ideas you can try this weekend! (Side note:  Most of these crafts are for 4 and under.)

Oh, and if you don’t already have a craft box, I recommend putting one together with several items you probably already have. This way you can grab the box at any time and spend a few spare minutes crafting. In my craft box I’ve got some wooden craft sticks, glitter glue, glue sticks, kid-friendly scissors, construction paper, colored pencils, small sequin things for gluing, clothes pins, and some pipe cleaners.

  1. Let the kids cut and glue paper to other paper. Yes, I know this sounds lame, but to a preschooler, the act of using scissors and glue is somehow mesmerizing.
  2. Color coffee filters. Again, I don’t know why this is so fun, but coloring coffee filters with markers is like a new, exciting thing for littles. If they want they can then cut the edges into strips to make it look like a flower.
  3. Clip clothes pins to pipe cleaners. So this isn’t so much a craft as it is just a busy activity. But for kids who are trying to master their fine motor skills the clipping part is really challenging and fun.
  4. Glue sequins or beads to paper. Draw a simple shape on a piece of construction paper and then let your kids use the glue stick to glue small beads, pasta or sequins to the shape. It’s a great motor-skill builder and it might take them some time!
  5. Color craft sticks and make butterflies. Have your kids color craft sticks and then cut out some wings from construction paper and glue them together.
  6. Coil up pipe cleaners and glue them to paper. Yeah, this one is super simple, but again the coiling part is the challenge for kids.
  7. Rip up construction paper into strips. I have no idea why, but kids like to rip stuff. After they rip up the paper have them sort it by color. Some kids are not into sorting, but it’s a good skill for them to learn.
  8. Make construction paper beads. This craft requires a little more hands on time. Cut some paper into strips and then stripe them up with a glue stick. Help the kids roll the strips around a pencil, slide them off and let them dry.
  9. Glue spare buttons to paper. If you have a jar of spare buttons, these make a great impromptu craft. Just glue them to paper for a fun new craft.
  10. Shred paper and glue to the back of a paper plate. Again, it’s the ripping and gluing part that kids love and gluing it to the paper plate … well, that’s just to mix things up!

Do you have any lazy craft ideas? I would LOVE to hear them. Comment below to share!

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