About Me (and what I'm doing here)

When I was a little kid, I used to trek out to the acre behind our house and play “archeologist.” I would dig with random tools I found in the shed and look for old pieces of glass or cool rocks buried out back. I never found anything worth finding, but the entire time I was digging I imagined discovering a diamond ring or an antique jewelry box—something interesting that I could tell a story about. Something that had a hidden story of its own.

Things have not changed much since then. I’m still digging around, exploring, trying to create conversations and looking for a good story to tell.

I’m a writer and professionally, I work HERE teaching other people how to blog and build a personal platform. I’ve also written for a ton of other amazing places like BabyCenter.

I like having honest conversations about real things that matter to women.

I’m so over the fluff. The fake. The chit-chat. The #ootd. I’m terrified that we’re all living in our silos and none of us are really sharing what we care about.

There are some things I don’t want to share on this blog.  

So I save those things for my email list. Every week I send out a letter about what’s on my mind. What’s keeping me awake at night. What’s saving my life. And all the garbage I’m finally leaving behind. You can sign up for it right here.

I’ve been married to my college sweetheart for 10 years! We have two beautiful, funny, sweet, precious kids. And seriously, they are the best teachers I could have asked for.

I love writing here on my blog, but I also like writing fiction.

I live for a good memoir that makes me cry.

Podcasts are my love language.

Friday night eating take-out with my people–well that’s as good as life gets.

I get sad on Christmas night because all the fun is over and I have nothing to look forward to.

I have a hard time not laughing at my kids when they misbehave because when a toddler yells at you, well, it’s just so absurd it cracks me up.

Want to talk IRL?

You can always find me on Instagram or via email

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