15 of the best baby registry items for new moms (+ free downloadable list!)

Choosing items for your baby registry is no joke.

I remember combing Amazon reviews and comparing them with other online reviews while bouncing ideas off my mom friends. But the truth is,  you really don’t know what you need until you are in the throws of it. Lucky you, I’ve done the work for you! All of these items are the best baby registry items. These are things I personally use OR wish I had purchased. If you have any suggestions for items you couldn’t live without, I’d love to add them to this list. You can comment below or email me!


Summer Infant SwaddleMe Adjustable Swaddle Blankets 

These swaddle blankets were a lifesaver with their velcro strips!



Withings Home Monitor

Lets you view your baby from any smart phone, tablet or laptop. Tons of great features + wonderful customer service. Works with WiFi or Bluetooth and comes with a travel case. I highly recommend this monitor because you can watch your baby when you have a sitter. Here are the reviews from Engadget and Gizmodo who called it “perhaps the best video baby monitor on the market today.”

Dr. Brown’s PreVent Design Pacifier

I swear by these patented Dr. Brown pacifiers. They have a tiny vent in the nipple so they are easy for newborns to keep in!

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

My biggest regret with my first baby was NOT buying one of these! So many of my friends recommend them because they are compact and convenient and babies tend to sleep better in them during those first few months.


Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets

These are good standard swaddle blankets made of muslin so they breathe but also give you the right texture for swaddle perfection.

Nose Freida

Forget about that nose bulb you remember from your childhood! This is a revolutionary new tool for parents to gently suck little noses clean! Every mom I’ve talked to about this product raves about how amazing it is.



 The Windi

This product is another genius invention! It help relieve gassy babies without drugs or chemicals. And it works like a charm!!



 Ubbi Diaper Pail

Buying the wrong diaper pail can make changing diapers much more unpleasant. Although this diaper pail is more expensive than most, it makes up for that cost because you can use regular trash bags instead of special refills!



Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller

Every mom I know who has a City Mini has nothing but great things to say about this amazing stroller. It has quick-fold patented technology so you can hold a baby in one arm and pull the handle to fold it with the other hand. Also this stroller is ideal for travel. It slides right through the machine at airport security so you don’t have to go through a special check with. ALSO I have jogged countless hours with this stroller and even hiked along flat trails. It even comes in this sleek double model! OH and this seat adjusts so sleeping babies can lie flat. You can purchase an adapter bar to hold any infant carrier if needed.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier in Mesh

We moved 1,000 miles away when Ezra was 6 weeks old. How did I do it? We had a lot of help, but also this wonderful invention called the Bjorn. Ezra lived in it for his first year. It’s ideal for traveling through airports and outdoor activities because it is a breathable, sturdy mesh.

Timi & Leslie Diaper Bags

When I had to start carrying a diaper bag I wanted it to look as much like a purse as possible so I could use it for everything and long after the diaper days were over. Timi & Leslie bags are just that! They are versatile and accommodating + they look like purses. I don’t have to change out of my diaper bag and into a purse when I’m going out sans the toddler. The quality is also unparalleled. I’ve used mine off and on for three years now and it still looks new!

Gerber Cloth Diapers

I am not a cloth-diapering mom (although I had aspirations) but any mom with a sub-six-month-old needs a package of these super absorbent cloth diapers. They make excellent burp cloths, and if you are having problems with leaky diapers at night, I’ve heard of people cutting the absorbent pads out and inserting them into disposable diapers for extra insurance!

medelaMedela Pump-in-Style Advanced Breast Pump

I don’t have a single complaint about this pump and I’ve never met someone who has! It’s fast and comes with everything you need!


Easy@Home 3 in 1 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

This is actually an item I didn’t spend money on, but in retrospect wish I had bought. So many times when Ezra has had a fever I wanted to be able to take his temp without disturbing him while he slept.

Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise (actual fan inside) Sound Machine

This sound machine is a #1 bestseller on Amazon and when you see it in action you will be amazed. It’s definitely one of the more expensive machines, but for most families this portable machine makes for a good night’s sleep.

You can download the full list in an Excel spreadsheet now!


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    These is an awesome list!! Especially for first time mamas who have no idea what to register for! I had not heard of “The Windi”, so I’ll have to check that one out for sure!

    July 1, 2015 at 8:02 pm
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