Dear Soon-To-Be Mom,

Dear Soon-To-Be Mom,

I see you with your beautiful bump at the grocery store and on Instagram. I see your cute pictures and your adoption announcements and I feel overwhelmed with excitement for you. Right now you can only imagine the adventure that awaits you in the coming months as you and your husband prepare to welcome your first child. I can’t explain the thing that happens when that baby moves from womb to your arms, but I know you will feel like your ribs are cracking open because your heart has outgrown your body.

It is a love that hurts and aches and nourishes you. It will move you to tears during those first few weeks just to look at your baby.

It is miracle.

It is joy.

It is salvation.

It is a true representation of God’s grace and unmerited favor.

But while you are still on this side of it, may I offer you words of wisdom? These are not practical, how-to things. They are not even easy to remember, but they are important to the journey you are about to take. You should really try to prepare yourself.

Prepare to be unraveled.

Every minute of your life and every crevice of your heart.

Prepare to be awakened.

Not just in the middle of the night, but deep in your soul to the fresh love of God that grants us the gift of creation. What is about to happen to you is holy and sacred.

Prepare to be wrecked.

Not just your schedule and your put-together life (that is temporary), but your sound understanding of the way the world works. The questions you will ask after that child is born are more profound and mandatory than any others you have asked.

Prepare to be humbled.

By the tiny baby who only has an instinct to survive. It will feel like the things you do not know are more numerous than the things you do know, but that isn’t true.

Prepare to be resurrected.

You will have to die a hundred tiny deaths everyday to meet the needs of your baby, but I have learned that God always works through death and resurrection. And after an ending a new beginning is always birthed.

I know you can never really prepare for these things and maybe that is the true beauty of it–the way God interrupts our expectations and preparation with the unexplainable.

On second thought, I take it all back. Don’t prepare.

Just be in it. Let the moments wash over you with an open heart and loosely held expectations. Let the sanctity of those first few days of your child’s life be engrained on your heart forever. And let the new rhythm of life carry you.

That is really all you need to know.

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  • Reply Ashlie Langston

    LOVE this, mama! It’s spot on. I’ll definitely be sharing this.

    August 26, 2015 at 5:04 pm
  • Reply Angie Juarez

    This is so perfect! The first days, weeks and months are filled with so many emotions. “Just be in it” is wonderful advice! Beautifully written 🙂

    August 29, 2015 at 9:15 am
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