Why I am obsessed with the Enneagram

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As I’m inching towards mid-life, a strong desire has surfaced. I want to know myself better. I want to know myself so I can be a better mom, wife, daughter and friend. And one tool I’ve used to make that journey of self-discovery is called The Enneagram. It’s kind of a buzz-word right now. A lot of people are finding this personality philosophy extremely helpful. And I’m one of them.

So. If you’ve never heard of the Enneagram, where should you start?

There’s a great free test right here so you can learn your type.

But here’s a crash-course first. The Enneagram focuses on 9 primary types. You can only be one type and you stay that type forever. You may have wings of another type (the types next to you on the Enneagram model) but you won’t ever be a 9 Peacemaker and then later become a 1 Reformer. But you could be a 9 with a 1 one wing. If you are stressed, you may exhibit behavior of a different type and this is where the Enneagram becomes really valuable. It can measure your stress level and tell you what you are like when you are emotionally healthy and what you are like when you are not. And also, it can give you guidance on working with other personality types. This is especially helpful in marriage, but also in friendships and working relationships. Plus, the Enneagram is so fun I make all my friends and family take it.

So what are you waiting for … dive right in. And if you want the textbook on it, which I highly recommend, you can buy it right HERE. Also, I haven’t read it yet, but Richard Rohr has a book on the Enneagram from a Christian perspective.

This will change your LIFE!

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