The Best Apps, Podcasts & Blogs for Parents

My friends often ask me for blog and podcast recommendations.

I don’t know how I got this reputation but somehow I always end up fielding this question. In fact, it was a friend that suggested I go ahead and post a blog about it. So here is my list of top blogs, podcasts, and for good measure, apps for parents. I’ll update this post as I make new discoveries.


longest-shortestThe Longest Shortest Time

If you are not into podcasts, but you crave real stories with real impact (the news just doesn’t deliver on this), spend your walks to the park with one bud in, listening to people tell jaw-dropping stories that will stick with you.

My favorite parenting podcast is hosted by Hillary Frank and it’s call The Longest Shortest Time (brilliant name). Hillary covers everything from pregnancy to childbirth to the identity crisis most moms experience after becoming a parent. Her topics are as broad and as interesting as parenting. She manages to capture moments of parenthood that truly resonate with other moms and dads.

OH! And if you seriously have no idea how to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, it is okay. Worse things have happened. Just click here for a tutorial. (I know. The struggle is real.)

americanlife__140321173358This American Life

Okay so this podcast doesn’t have a lot to do with parenting, but it is a genuinely great podcast that every human should listen to. You know the folks behind the hit podcast Serial? (Oh, you don’t?) This American Life tells real stories of people in real situations. These are some of my favorite shows YOU MUST LISTEN TO.

Switched at Birth

The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar

The House at Loon Lake

Dr. Gilmer and Mr. Hyde

Fear of Sleep

mightymommypodcastMighty Mommy

I’ve written about Might Mommy before, but if you find yourself wishing you had a reliable friend next door who had all the answers to your parenting questions, THIS podcast is for you. I love that each podcast is pretty short and it’s bullet point tips. Here are a few I’ve found extremely helpful in the past.

How to Teach Your Baby to Be a Good Sleeper

50 Ways to Improve Your Family Life

7 Simple Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen


littlehootsLittle Hoots

This is an app I just discovered last week. And seriously it’s genius. It let’s you document your child’s hilarious quotes in a stylish way. You can easily post them to social media or just keep them in your photo library. Seriously I LOVE this one.

Here’s one I made the other day. 


babynursingBaby Nursing App

This app is one I WISH I would have known about when I was logging the mundane details of feedings and diapers with a newborn. I could never keep up with which side and when I last nursed and how many diapers had happened in one day so I jotted it all down in a notebook. But this app streamlines everything for you with a timer and all those important details you need!


Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.49.30 PMScary Mommy Blog

This blog offers insights on an array of topics. Sometimes they are witty and silly and other times more thoughtful while hitting on important subjects. This is a recent post that really made me stop and think: What We Need to Stop Saying About Our Boys. Plus their homepage is such a good landing spot if you just want some entertaining and slightly informative reading. (I mean, other than Pinterest.)

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.46.30 PMLillies & Leon 

I am so fascinated by the ways other people parent. One of my favorite blogs is called Lillies & Leon. It’s by a fashionable NYC mom who blogs and Instagrams motherhood as she sees it. I love that her pictures are gorgeous but she doesn’t present an “overdone” image of motherhood. She is who she is. She loves her family tenderly and feircly and that truly comes through in her posts.

I would LOVE to hear your suggestions for helpful apps, insightful blogs and fascinating podcasts so I can add them to my list! Comment below or shoot me an email.

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