The book I recommend to every new parent

When it comes to the topic of sleep and sleep-training, I’m nearly an expert.

I‘ve read ALL the books. I can give you a thorough and concise break-down of the theory behind every method and practice. When I caught wind of a new sleep book set to release just before my daughter’s birth I was intrigued. “What more do we have to write about?”

However, after reading the book’s intro I was hooked. The Good Sleeper was written by Dr. Janet Krone Kennedy. She’s nicknamed herself the NYC Sleep Doctor. And she’s not kidding! She has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and spent years of her career developing methods to treat sleep disorders.
The Good Sleeper Book Review

As a mom of two, she understands what parents go through when they have a not-so-good or challenged sleeper. The reason why I love this book is because she applies so many different methods. She’s clear about why and when you should employ each method. She also gives parents a ton of tools to help break bad habits they’ve started with their babies.

This book is so easy to follow too. It’s not overwhelming in the way of most sleep books. And if an author can take on a comforting, non-judgmental tone when it comes to parenting do’s and don’ts, she’s nailed that.

I applied all of her advice with Vea after she was born and she was an amazing sleeper!

This book reset my expectations when it came to sleep. Most of the books about sleep that I’ve read are several years old and in serious need of an update. Dr. Kennedy applies the best and most recent research we have at our disposal.

Have you read The Good Sleeper? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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