Let’s Call a Truce to the Mommy Wars

I was thinking recently:  How much better would the Land of Motherhood be if we just all called a truce?

What if we had an alliance we all agreed to, a treaty we all signed. Despite all of our different styles or philosophies, what if we all laid down our weapons and said, “This is a safe place.”

Well, I think it’s time.

We can all be kinder and gentler to ourselves and other moms we meet. So whether you are at the mall, in the grocery store, or on social media, when you see another mom, remember how much better our world would be if we all made these unspoken promises to each other.

I promise not to ask you when or if you are going to have another baby.

I promise I won’t ask if you are pregnant unless you look like you are about to go into labor.

I promise not to ask if your baby was planned.

I promise I won’t judge you for having a lot of kids.

I promise I won’t judge you for having only one kid.

I promise not to judge you for having an “Ooops!” baby.

I promise I’ll say I’m sorry if I know you’ve had a miscarriage.

I promise to watch your kid at the park if you have to change a diaper or get something from your stroller.

I promise I won’t judge your hair, make up or shoes (unless I really love them!).

If you invite me to your house, I promise I won’t look at your baseboards or the dirty dishes in the sink.

I promise I won’t tell you when my baby slept through the night unless you ask.

I promise I won’t judge what you choose to feed your kids.

If you are pregnant, I promise I won’t tell you my horror stories.

If you are nursing, I promise I won’t tell you my horror stories.

I promise I won’t gawk if your kid throws an epic fit.

I promise I know we all have hard days and we all have good days.

I promise to be gracious and understanding because we have a lot more in common than we realize.

I promise you. I know how you felt the first time you held your baby and what you feel every time you look at your child.

So who’s with me? I think it’s time.

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