Tulip Tie-Dye Kit Tutorial

Tie-Dye is back in a big way!

I bought this kit for $10 at Hobby Lobby, but you can also purchase it right here on Amazon. There’s also a 2-color kit for $6 on Prime right now.

I loved this because it was super easy and the mess was minimal. We didn’t let our shirts sit for the full 6-8 hours as recommended because my 4-year-old was so anxious to wear it. But we did let it sit for 5 hours in a plastic bag before rinsing, washing and drying.
We did 3 shirts total but we could have done another shirt. If you are doing kids shirts, you may be able to do 5. The instructions on the pack were easy to follow. We will definitely make this a summer tradition!
Also! I’ve never done tie-dye before and I was sure I was messing it all up–but it turns out that’s hard to do!

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