Weekly Roundup {September 25-October 1} More tips on positive parenting


So I’m on this positive parenting kick and I wanted to share this video that has been really helpful for me when dealing with my 5-year-old who ignores me like no body’s business–especially when I’m asking him to do something like brush his teeth or put on his shoes. This method has def been a game-changer for us.



I’m obsessed with these cups from Siccups. I love my purple insulated coffee cup. I use it nearly every day. If you are so tired of spilling and warming up your coffee, then this mug is for you mamas! It will keep your coffee warm for up to 8 hours!!!!! Oh wait–the best part is that they don’t cost 1 million dollars and you can buy them on AMAZON!







I’ve talked about Modern Love before. It’s seriously one of my favorite podcasts, if not THE favorite. But this one episode, in particular, is one of the most well-written. It makes me cry every time. WARNING: if you are pregnant, you should not listen to this one. You can listen right here or download it wherever you get your podcasts: episode 33, “My Frist Son, a Pure Memory.”


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