My favorite new podcast you are going to love

Basically, if you are a culture junkie like me, always looking for something new to read or listen to, you are going to love this weekly spot.

*Trigger Warning* For those of you who have lost children or are struggling with infertility, this podcast I’m about to mention may be very difficult to listen to. Please proceed with care.

Modern Love’s “My First Son, A Pure Memory


“For weeks after, people I barely knew would come into my office, gently shut the door and burst into tears. I heard stories of single and serial miscarriages. Pregnancies carried nearly to full term. Stillbirths. All the lost, lost children. Grief hauled about and nowhere to put it down.”

You guys know I LOVE podcasts. I usually listen in the car or when I’m doing housework. It’s a great way to trick myself into doing the dishes. If you aren’t familiar with it, Modern Love is a podcast that features essays in narrative form, read by actors. And the stories are absolutely leveling.

In episode 33, Sterling K. Brown reads an essay written by a new dad as he, with his wife, experience the stillbirth of their son at 20 weeks of gestation. This podcast spotlights the unrecognized grief experienced by parents upon miscarriage or stillbirth. It’s something we’ve discussed before on this blog, and it always strikes a chord with parents.

You can listen right HERE or download the podcast app and search for Modern Love.

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