What is LipSense?

What is LipSense?

It’s waterproof, smudge-proof, lead-free, cruelty-free, wax-free, vegan lip color that lasts 4-18 hours.

It’s a patented formula that molecularly bonds to your lips.

I love how it lasts ALL DAY!

Why did you start selling it?

I’ve done MLMs in the past with some success, but nothing to write home about. I saw one of my friends build her company and team with LipSense just within a few weeks.

She was killing it and all by posting selfies and lip demos. She wasn’t annoying and she wasn’t blasting it out all over social. And she was selling the products so fast she couldn’t keep them in stock!

She gifted me a starter kit for my birthday and I was hooked. I had to either have more lip colors or start selling. I chose to give it a shot.

Sassy Z LipSense

I was so worried at first.

What would my friends think of me peddling lipstick? Would this damage my brand as a blogger and my freelance writing business?

All of that worry was for nothing.

My friends all jumped on the bandwagon with excitement. They loved the products too!! Even the skeptics! Even the ones who didn’t wear lipstick! They were all hooked.

With this company, I’m able to keep my LipSense business active with a Facebook group and separate Instagram account.

I don’t have to blast it all over my personal social media. I keep the message with the audience who wants to hear it.

Also, I’m not cold-messaging people from high school. Friends and customers are literally ASKING me about joining!

BLuRed LipSense

How can I order LipSense?

Ordering is so easy! You can visit me on Facebook or Instagram and message me your order. Or you can use this order form RIGHT here. I keep it updated with my current stock.

How do you make money with LipSense?

LipSense is actually one product in a large cosmetic and skincare company called Senegence. Senegence is a multi-level marketing company or a direct-sale company. Don’t let that scare you off!

With LipSense you pay $55 to join and become a wholesaler. You get access to the back office to place orders yourself at a discounted price (discount depends on quantity). Then you can sell to your friends and family and if you want—start building your own team!

The benefits this company provides are so crazy. I wish I could share numbers with you, but I’m not allowed to. Let me just say lots of women have used this company to change their lives—for them and their families! Senegence rewards it’s consultants with trips and cars and free products.

The best news is that is is SO attainable right now. There’s a ton of momentum with the company right now and so much room for growth. That’s the thing about these MLMs—you have to get in at the right time and carve out your customers.

I wish I would have found this company last year because the growth they’ve experienced in the last 12 months has been substantial. If you don’t take the plunge now you will be asking yourself why you waited.

I’ve seen so many friends have major success and freedom through their own home-based business. I wanted the same thing.

terra-cotta-blushsense-pink-champagne-lipsenseHow is LipSense different from other MLMs?

  • Up to 50% profit margin
  • Major growth potential right now
  • Unsaturated market
  • Some regions of the US are totally untapped
  • Waterproof, smudge-proof, long-wearing, lead-free, wax-free, vegan and cruelty-free products
  • We offer cosmetics & anti-aging skincare (something for everyone!)

How do I sign up to sell LipSense?

Signing up is so easy. It’s a $55 yearly fee. You can sign up here by entering my distributor number (#392440).

I am building a team of really ambitious women who are going for it all! They are building businesses that will give them the freedom to do everything they want to do: work from home, have extra time every day for their kids, pay off debt, achieve real work-life-balance.

You can join to sell to friends and family or just keep the discount for yourself. Or you can go for the gold and build a real career out of this!

What is LipSense and how does it work?

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